The rumors are true: Sunday River will debut advanced chairlifts in winter 2022-23. The exact timing isn’t set yet, but they’re coming soon to a mountain near you.

According to an article on Designboom, these 8-person chairlifts are described as one of the most advanced in the entire world and will be the fastest chairlift in North America that can hold eight humans.

What makes them so special? Ergonomic heated seats to warm your tush, bubble covers to protect you from extreme weather, and the ability to keep you safe and stable in strong winds.

All very important things when it comes to being lifted hundreds of feet off the ground.

The engineering behind this chairlift was designed to optimize passenger comfort, save time, and advance safety measures.

Well, I really could have used these bad boys this past weekend…

I went to Sunday River for their Fall Festival to take a scenic chairlift ride up the mountain and take in the colorful scenery of Western Maine. A nice relaxing activity, one that requires minimal effort so I threw on my cute heeled rainboots and threw back some beers from the vendors.

Big mistake.

The line to get on the chairlift and up the mountain took maybe six minutes max. The ride up was leisurely and chill, the views stunning. I noticed a massive line of people at the top of the mountain but didn’t think anything of it.

Meghan Morrison, Townsquare Media

Until I realized that was the line to get back down.

Apparently, the chairlifts are not safe to ride back down the mountain, so your only option right now (until these new chairlifts are installed) is to take a Chondola, which there are few of.

Meghan Morrison, Townsquare Media

My options? Wait in line for at least an hour, or hike my buttocks down the mountain.

My beer-filled belly, heeled boots, and 4-toed half-foot hiked down North Peak straight down the ski trail like a mountain goat.

Meghan Morrison, Townsquare Media

The other hikers looked a lot more prepared than I was, even if they were just as caught off guard by the impromptu endeavor.

Meghan Morrison, Townsquare Media

I came for the view, and that's what I got! The universe was just letting me know I've been a little lazy lately and needed to earn it.

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