It was a 'bittersweet' decision to close the very popular The Yard.

Jay Mahoney, who transformed The Whiskey Barrel into The Yard is now going to transition once again to his family. In a sometimes rambling Facebook post, Jay says that they couldn't be more proud of what they have accomplished over the years. It was just two years ago that they were thinking of closing The Yard. But they stayed open.

The Yard via Facebook
The Yard via Facebook

The adaptations we’ve made over the years, and make us who we are, has been the most challenging years we’ve ever encountered. It’s been an amazing ride, but now it’s time to say goodbye. My time needs to go to my husband and my mother In law!

Jay realized that life is too short and that the success they had, even at the height of Covid, was great - but family means more.

We’ve realized how much life is sooooo short! And my time now will be spent with my family.


In his Facebook post, Jay admits that they had huge successes, and also failures, but that it was done with love and it will be closed with that same love. Jay wants to spend time with his husband Dennis...

...he’s the meaning in my life, he’s the inspiration! My husband, my baby, my life. I want more time With him and his family! I want more memories! Dennis Mahoney, I love you so much and I'm so excited about our next chapter!

This was a great spot to spend with friends over the past couple of years. Jay, we all hope that you and Dennis have some amazing time together and yes, we will say 'see you later' and not goodbye.

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