Okay, let’s finally settle this. What is superior: Working from home or working from the office?

I’m going to tread lightly here as I write this from my place of work. I feel my credibility is high and I am qualified to write this piece because I have the flexibility of a hybrid schedule where I dabble in a little bit of both settings.

I’ll go first by sharing some of the pros and cons of WFH versus working in the office [in Portland].

Let’s start with working from home…


1. Unlimited shameless access to the kitchen & bathroom

We have a shared bathroom key at my office so it is very obvious who is going when and for how long. As someone who really prides herself in her constant optimal hydration levels, a girls gotta go… a lot.

There is also only so much you can pack into a $3 Walmart lunchbox, so I run out of snacks quicker than I’d like to. Eight hours is a long day and requires, like, five meals. One of the major perks of being at home is the unlimited access to the kitchen and being able to cook and eat what and when I please.

2. Pants... sweatpants... no pants

I’m not going to tell you which one I wear or don’t, but I will say I am very comfortable at home.


3. Choose the view

As long as you have wifi, you’re WFH; it doesn’t necessarily matter where “H” is. When I’m working from “home” it could be a coffee shop, my friend’s couch, or my grandpa’s patio with an ocean view. As an antsy person who likes to move around, being able to pick up my laptop and move to a different spot for a change in scenery is crucial for that work day mental health.

4.  You can lay down (while working, of course)

Unless you’re on a Teams meeting, nobody knows if you’re laying down with your laptop on your belly and your chin on your chest. Although it definitely makes me sleepy, sometimes you just need to relax a bit.

As for cons? I don’t really have too many; there aren’t many reasons why I wouldn’t want to work from home. I’ll give you a couple, though.


1. Too tempted to drink beer

You obviously can’t crack open a cold one sitting in the office, but technically nobody would know if you were sipping on something at home. FOR THE RECORD, this is not something I engage in. I’m just tempted to do so.

2. Way too many distractions

I have debilitating ADD that I refuse to medicate, and I can get distracted just staring at a wall for too long. Whether it’s your roommates, laundry, wanting to re-plot a plant, the TV on in the background, there are limitless distractions when you’re not in the office and it takes a lot of will power to remember you are on the clock.

Now, let’s discuss working from the office. I am fortunate to work in a beautiful city, right in downtown Portland. There are many reasons I genuinely enjoy leaving the house and coming into work.


1. Portland, duh

The smell of the ocean at low-tide, lunch spots galore, and endless people-watching; I love spending my days in the city.


2. Human interaction

Sometimes it is nice, and it is surely important, to interact with some fellow humans, talk to somebody in person, and engage in some office banter (it also helps when you have a killer crew).

3. Efficiency

It is so much easier to ask a question when you’re in the office and can just turn to somebody or knock on their door. There is something very intimidating to me about Teams and everything is significantly easier in person, whether it’s needing help or wanting to collaborate.


1. Too tempted to drink beer

Ending your day in Monument Square and walking through the Old Port to your car requires a lot of strength not to pop into one of the many, many bars for happy hour.


2. Commute

This one’s obvious. A drive into work adds more time in the morning and less time to push snooze a few extra times on the alarm.

3. Professionalism

I know it definitely increases my productivity, but having to wear real clothes and sit up straight in a chair is one of the downers for me. I definitely prefer wearing my fuzzy socks with no shoes and playing musical chairs with my dining room table, couch, and bed.

These points I’ve made are subjective and based on my own personal opinions and experience. But, the WFH v. office debate is one I hear frequently.

So, what do you prefer?

Your turn.

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