Maine Restaurant Commercial Outtakes Going Viral [VIDEO]
The video of the old man who just couldn't say "buttery flaky crust" has gone viral thanks to Facebook pages like Viral Thread and others. This has been viewed over 21 million times and has almost 257,000 shares.
The commercial is for Dysarts Restaurant in Bangor...
Pride's Corner Flea Market Lady
Love her or hate her, I'm sure you remember this commercial with Janice, the antique book seller at the flea market and the star of this commercial where she proclaims "We got a fella down the corner and he's got all kinds of old stuff -- I don't know where he gets it but it'…
Guess the Maine Commercial
This came about from me whistling. Then Scott (from my girlfriends Wayne and Scott) said, 'I bet you could whistle the theme to BLANK!' From then the night was ruined with this ear worm!