They Put A GoPro In A Lobster Trap
The Youtube channel ChatterTube3000 put a GoPro in a lobster trap to show us what happens after the trap sinks to the ocean floor. It doesn't take long for lobsters to show up and investigate. Even an eel can be seen slithering by.
This trap was dropped in about 30 feet of water off of Cozy…
Old Port Fest Go Pro Pet Cam!
Here's a unique dog's eye view of this year's Old Port Festival from Bruce the Bulldog. We strapped a GoPro camera on his back and found that if you're a bulldog walking through the Old Port, everyone wants to pet you!
GoPro Cuteness
The view of the world is a little bit different when seen through the lens of a GoPro camera. Daredevil stunts are fine if you always wanted to feel like you're jumping out of a plane, but what if you want cute? Puppies!!!!!
GoPro Perspective
Want to know what it is really like to run through the Insane Inflatable 5K course that will be at Scarborough Downs on Sept. 20?

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