Maine Turnpike

Worst Times to Drive
Are you ready for the weekend? Get ready for tourists coming into our great state and many of us Mainers going on road trips.
A Work Zone Sign in Maine from the 1950s Is A Real Doozy
It is impossible to escape the bright orange work zone signs that can be spotted anywhere across the state of Maine. Construction is constant, improvements are always being made, and the signs letting you know when you're entering a work zone have become as common in our mind a stop sign...
Do You Do This on The Turnpike?
The Maine Turnpike Authority continues to remind motorists through social media to think as they're driving, especially when it comes to this one simple thing.
Wrong Way on Turnpike
What may have started as a moronic prank turned into a small dose of mayhem Monday morning when two people stole a front loader and drove it the wrong way on the Maine Turnpike, causing multiple accidents.
According to WGME, the incident happened between the Gray-New Gloucester toll plaza and th…
Get Ready For Some Traffic
Here we go! The 4th of July in Maine. We've just heard from Maine Turnpike officials who tell us this will be their busiest evah. Over 1.1 million vehicles are expected to travel on Turnpike, an incrase of 3% from last year.
10:00 AM on Friday traffic northbound is expecte…

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