Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Meets ‘The Mummy’ in First Teaser Trailer
Universal’s grand plan for world domination, or at least an intertextually connected universe of highly profitable event films, has been put in motion. Their Dracula Untold laid the groundwork by introducing fiction’s most famous vampire into the mix, solo projects for Frankenstein…
This Isn't What Lori Ordered
Sad face. I lost my 20 plus year old Ray Ban sunglasses last week and broke down and bought a new pair. I was sad to see the old ones go, but excited to have brand new Ray Ban glasses - until I opened the package!
Full 'Mission: Impossible 5' Trailer Goes Rogue
Just yesterday, we got our first real taste of Mission: Impossible 5 via a one-minute teaser trailer, but you should probably hold onto your seats because today brings the full trailer with even more Tom Cruise spy action and intrigue. Officially titled Mission: Impossible — Rogue Nation, the…
Q Talks with Kelly McGillis
Kelly McGillis is in a new movie, 'Love Finds You in Sugarcreek'. It's on the Up Network. She reprises her role as an Amish woman, like in 'Witness' with Harrison Ford back in the 80's.