I have fond memories of my grandparents' and great grandparents' camps on Sebago Lake in Raymond. My grandparents were right next to my great grandparents and I remember staying overnight there and walking through the woods to my great grandparents' small, three room camp where I'd be fed breakfast and hang out while my great grandfather sat in his chair smoking his pipe. For years after he died, the camp still had the smell of that pipe reminding me of him.

Sadly, both properties have been sold now and my great grandfather's camp that he built himself, was torn down and replaced with a big, expensive, luxury home. Progress? I suppose. But I don't have to like it.

As property values on Sebago climbed in the late 90s and 2000s, people who had bought their land cheap in the early 20th century, sold. That's when we started to see big, luxury homes that many Mainers could only dream off pop up where old camps and cottages used to be.

I was curious just how expensive homes had gotten on Sebago Lake and I quickly found out it was a lot more than I thought!

Here's a look a the most expensive home for sale right now on Sebago Lake.

The Most Expensive Home For Sale on Sebago Lake

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