For most of us, the trip to the mailbox is often met with bills, advertisements, credit card offers, and maybe the occasional small package. It's not often there's a tampon inside with a note tied onto it.

That's exactly what Devin Alexander found in her mailbox this week. Attached to said tampon was a handwritten note:

You took my wife from me. I've accepted it. I wasn't a good enough man for her but for the love of god please take care of her for me.

There's a lot to unpack here.

First, it's worth noting that Miss Alexander did not steal anyone's wife so aside from being bizarre it's also a case of mistaken identity or mistaken mailbox.

I feel for the individual who left the tampon in the mailbox. Clearly some drama went down between them and the wifey in question. But with all things considered, it's clear that even after apparent betrayal, they still love their wife. And apparently they're concerned about her period too. How thoughtful. The tampon does appear to be a "lite" however, hopefully, she has some regulars at home just in case.

So, whoever this tampon and note were meant for, I hope they see it as well as the wife. I don't know if this will change the situation, but perhaps during these trying times, the tampon is symbolic of an olive branch, a sign of peace and reconciliation.

Granted, there are two sides to the story, whoever left the note could be completely off their rocker. Perhaps we'll never know.

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