You can actually help get this signed into law before the deadline tomorrow!


Here's how you can help. Period Equity has been in touch with Denise Tepler, the state representative who introduced the tampon tax exemption bill.. The bill isn't law until it's signed, but it's before the Appropriations Committee. It needs the Governor's signature and the state legislative session ends tomorrow!
Here's what Denise said to do:
If you would like to support the bill please contact chairs of the Appropriations Committee, Senator Cathy Breen and Representative Drew Gattine and let them know of your support.
Period Equity also has an interactive map to show all the states that still tax tampons! Their goal is to end this tax in all states by 2020!
Period Equity
Period Equity
Maine has been fighting this stupid tax for years - to get so close and NOT have it signed into law would be so disappointing! Pudding friggin' mix is tax free? Please do what you can - tell your friends, tell your husbands and boyfriends (the ones we send out to Rite Aid to pick these up!) and let's make this a law in Maine!

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