The Queen has broken her silence.

Getty Images / Canva
Getty Images / Canva

Ticketmaster Canceled Taylor Swift's Public On-Sale

Less than 24 hours ago (and about 16 hours before the planned public on-sale for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour), Ticketmaster announced that due to a very low inventory of remaining tickets, the public on-sale planned for earlier this morning at 10a EST had been canceled.

Taylor Swift Pre-Sale Issues

This obviously followed an absolute nightmare earlier in the week when Ticketmaster actually crashed on Tuesday during the first of two pre-sales for Taylor Swift's Eras Tour.

Somehow, the power and passion of Swifties had been underestimated and the millions of fans that logged on for the TaylorSwiftTix pre-sale crashed servers and actually delayed the planned Capital One cardholder pre-sale as well.

Whether or not some of the ticket allotment planned for the public on-sale that was supposed to happen just a couple of hours ago were transferred over to one or both pre-sales is currently unknown, but Ticketmaster did make it a point to mention the rescheduling did not impact ticket availability.

Except that it did. Maybe not for those lucky enough to get a code for the TaylorSwiftTix pre-sale, or those that hold a Capital One card, but the rest of the general public got the shaft just hours before the highly anticipated public on-sale.

Taylor Swift Responds to Ticketmaster Cancelation

Less than an hour ago from the time of this writing, Taylor Swift finally broke her short silence and addressed the situation, knowing how heartbroken her passionate fanbase has been since the Ticketmaster cancelation.

And, in typical Taylor fashion, she vowed to find a way to "provide more opportunities for [fans] to all get together and sing these songs."

Taylor Swift via Instagram
Taylor Swift via Instagram

If the lengths Taylor has gone to in the past for her fans is any indication, then any and all Swifties affected by the public on-sale cancelation by Ticketmaster are in for a true, rare, Tay Tay Treat.

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