Well this came as a total surprise to us. When Beyonce announced earlier this week that she is pregnant with twins, our listeners took to our Facebook in a resounding "Who cares?" comment assault.

Beyonce has been a cornerstone of the Q97.9 playlist for over a decade. She's had multiple chart topping hits including 'Single Ladies', 'Irreplaceable', 'Crazy in Love', and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe it's all her success. Maybe it's this new desire by people on Facebook to not like anything they deem not newsworthy. Maybe people just don't like her. We don't know, but people sure made it known how they feel about Beyonce being pregnant with twins. Every single comment we got when we posted the news to Facebook was negative.

Beyonce Comments


So let's address what we saw the most here, 'not news.' You'll see this all the time on local news station's Facebook pages. If they post anything anyone thinks is not newsworthy, someone will call them out on it. The Q is not a news station. Do we share news? Yes, if we think it's important. However, we tend to share more pop culture and what's more pop culture for a pop music station than Beyonce pregnant with twins? It seemed to us like Q listeners would be interested in that. We did use the title "BREAKING: Beyonce pregnant with twins!" It seemed appropriate based on her stature.

Also, why do people who don't care about things they see on Facebook take the time to say they don't care with a comment? That kind of contradicts the whole not caring stance doesn't it? Wouldn't it make more sense if you see something you don't care about to just keep scrolling until you find something you do care about?

So if you're one of those people who took the time to tell us you don't care, first, thank you for caring enough to read this. Second, why are you so passionate about not caring about Beyonce being pregnant with twins? We'd love to know.

Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook...again.



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