When the snow melts and ski mountains are all but bare, what is there do to on the slopes? Attitash Mountain makes the most of their elevation and the summer weather with their Nor-Easter Mountain Coaster. 

Riders hop into a two person cart and ascend the mountain on stainless steel rails. Once at the top, gravity takes over and the result is a heart-pounding ride to the base of the mountain.

The ride to the top is 1,420-feet of scenic mountain views. Your return to the bottom is 2,880-foot track that you race down on your own. You could reach speeds of up to 25 MPH. Do you dare to go full tilt down this thing?

The Nor'Easter Mountain Coaster opens on Saturday, June 17th, just in time for Father's Day weekend. While you're there, try out the Alpine Slide, Scenic Chairlift Rides, and more summer attractions.

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