As a child camping a Winslow Memorial Park every summer, I was fascinated by the tiny island we could see out over the water at our campsite. Now that island is for sale and could be yours for a price.


Crab Island is situated in South Freeport and can be seen directly off the peninsula that is home to the Freeport owned Winslow Memorial Park.

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The small, less than an acre island, has a small cottage on it and two beaches with an asking price of $950K.


As a kid, we would camp for the entire summer on the water at Winslow Park and we always saw Crab Island in the distance. One of the adults, I don't remember which, told us it was Hawaii, so that's what we always called it. In this photo from the mid 1970's, Crab Island is just out of the shot to the right. I'm on the left, my brother Joel in the middle and our childhood friend Joanna on the right.

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There used to be a tall tree that sat in front of the cottage that was what made Crab Island unique to us. Judging by the pictures in the real estate listing, it seems to be gone with a lot more vegetation growing in it's place. That's kind of sad as we'd always look for that tree out on the island as we drove into the campground.

Maybe whoever buys Crab Island will plant another tree there that can grow into a tall giant like the one that defined our childhood on the island of "Hawaii."