Another Maine summer staple is returning. Maine Wildlife Park often referred to as "The Gray Animal Farm" will be welcoming folks back beginning on Monday, June 15th.

Maine Wildlife Park is home to a variety of animals native to Maine, from various birds to cats, to moose, deer, and more!

With considerations for park-goers safety with the presence of COVID-19, the park has released new guidelines for visitors to adhere to.

Visitors may no longer drop-in as reservations are now required. Those from out of state are expected to have adhered to the state guidelines of quarantining for 14 days before being in public. They are also asking guests to obey social distancing and encourage guests to wear masks while on the premises.

For all the details on the new guidelines, click here.

Sure, it's not business as usual, but it's so nice to see another business reopening for us to enjoy. For years Maine Wildlife Park has offered fun and memories and they're not letting 2020 get in the way of that this summer.

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