Officer Tim Cotton, better known to loyal Facebook followers of the Bangor Police Department's Facebook page as "TC," has written his final post. TC has decided after all these years with the Bangor Police, that it's time to move on.

In his final Facebook post on June 29, and it's a long one, he let everyone know the time had come.

"Here's the thing, I'm moving on." he wrote." Being a cop was the most incredible job in the world. That is, right up until it wasn't anymore. I have a lot of folks to thank for my good fortune. Yup, there's a list. I think I've been a decent communicator, so there's a good chance I've already told those who are on that list. I have appreciated your help, advice, assistance, and criticisms."

TC gained global attention on the Bangor Police Departments' page when his humorous, witty, and sometimes serious posts went viral. Sometimes he would post about arrests made, calls answered and other police business. But often times his posts didn't have anything to do with the department. TC's excellent writing skills and keen sense of humor were something you hadn't seen on social media from a police department when this all began. You can read the entirety of his final post below.

TC, if you are reading this, thank you for your service to the department, and thank you for the years of entertainment we never knew could be provided by a police department until you came along. Wherever you end up, they'll be lucky to have you.

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