Nickleback has been called the most hated band in America. Well, they are coming to Bangor in July!


Tickets for Nickleback go on sale Thursday, January 23rd. They are playing Darling's  Waterfront Pavillion in Bangor. It's the 'All the Right Reasons' tour, the name of their album 15 years ago.


But why is Nickleback considered the most hated band in America? Well, back in 2016 Digital Music News did a story about actual research that was done to find out. Was it when the police chief of Pince Edward Island in Canada threatened to torture DUI convicts with Nickleback music? No, the hate was long before then.

A researcher in Finland found that what sparked the Nickelback hate was actually back in 2008 when they licensed their ad to use in a furniture ad in the UK.

*SIDENOTE* This ad was actually BANNED because it made the couches seem much bigger than they actually are.

Whether you love them, or love to hate them...grab your tickets to see Nickleback in Maine!


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