Well, today's the day. Election Day 2020. The Q Morning Show wanted to know the results early so in a super scientific fashion we brought in a dog and two eggs to decide who will be our president between the two major-party candidates; Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The first super scientific method of deciding the election was to hire an outside consultant, Casco Voornas. Two bowls were brought into the studio. One for Trump and one for Biden. Both equally filled with treats and the first bowl to be emptied would be the winner:


That wasn't the end of our super serious scientific study. We also wanted to attempt the tried and true egg method. We took two eggs. One decorated as Trump and the other as Biden. We popped them in the microwave and whichever egg exploded first would lose. Last egg standing wins:

TRUMP: 1 Biden: 1

So, in the end, I guess America must be the tie-breaker.

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