Pandemic or no pandemic, the Salvation Army is already out there, saving Christmas for yet another year. However, there won't be any kettles or bells ringing, let me stop yes, there will be bells, just no kettles this year as the Salvation Army is going cashless. You ask why would they go cashless, Kwame? The answer is simple cash is dirty; there's a debilitating disease going around the public. Keeping that in mind, they expect average donation totals to go by as much as 50% this year by going cashless, that and the current state of the economy with the lack of disposable income. However, you can use contactless payment apps for the Salvation Army to make sure you can do your part and help out.

Tim Boyle
Tim Boyle


"The nice thing is that if people aren't comfortable taking cash out or handling cash or putting it in the kettle, we also have Google Pay and Apple Pay on the kettle sign that they can just scan and go," Salvation Army Major Corps Officer Armida Harper said to WGME 13.

The great thing about Salvation Army is their money stays local, and it goes to pay for things like English is second language classes to help pending American citizens and computer courses. If you would like to make a donation or volunteer, click here for more details.

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