If you listen to the Q Morning Show then you know I play pinball competitively and it's one of my greatest loves. I'm also a big fan of The Walking Dead. You can imagine what happens when two of my great loves come together. Nerdgasm! 

Stern Pinball officially announced yesterday that they are releasing a Walking Dead pinball machine and man does it look fun! It has a lot of cool things from the show including "Cell Block C" that you hit with the ball until a walker pops out, the gross well walker from season 2 that you also hit with the ball, and Daryl's "crossbow," a cannon device that swings out and let's you fire the ball onto the playfield.

Want one for your home? It come in two flavors. The Pro model will set you back $5,995 and the LE model that comes with Daryl's "crossbow" will run you $8,595. This is why I don't own any pinball machines.

Maybe if we're lucky Arcadia National Bar will get one someday? Take a closer look at the game in the photo gallery.




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