In a Facebook post originally shared by Yahoo News, Amazon shopper Betsy Abel discovered the horrifying marketing tactics being employed by a seller called Arrive Guide. Their Womens Plus Size Stretch Lace Trim Thin Slim Capri Leggings are listed at $2.31 with $8 shipping (no Prime here!) with this for the main photo.

Amazon/Arrive Guide
Amazon/Arrive Guide

The leggings are modeled by a slender woman standing with both of her legs in one side of the leggings. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

There are so many things wrong with this photo. It is perpetuating body shaming. It also represents a missed opportunity to work with a plus-size model and give representation for all body types and sizes in retail advertising.

After a little research, I've discovered that these leggings are manufactured by a foreign company, apparently out of China. Arrive Guide isn't the only foreign company using slim models to sell plus-size clothing.

Why are we allowing this to happen? Leave us a comment on the blog or Facebook with your views on the topic.

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