Maine is not very populated. In fact, the Pine Tree State is just the 43rd most populous state in the country, with a little over 1.385 million people.

Now, having a lack of people is not something Mainers complain about. It actually might be one of the state's best-selling points. But even with its lack of people, Maine is not struggling in the employment department. And many of those jobs are with some of the largest employers, not just in Maine, but in the entire country.

I came across a list from the Maine Department of Labor that listed the state's 50 largest private employers. It is a fascinating look at Maine's diverse economy and where these major companies can be found.

It's no surprise to see that many of Maine's largest employers are in the healthcare field. The impact will always be the greatest because the entire population essentially uses its services. Of course, some are larger than others, with a vast variety making the list.

Numerous major chains like McDonalds, Home Depot, Walgreens, and more can be found scattered across the state, while employing thousands of Mainers.

It's also great to see many locally owned companies make the cut. Longstanding Maine companies like Bath iron Works, L.L Bean, and even private institutions are represented.

You can see the entire list of 50 below. Many will be very distinguished names, while others may surprise you. And there may be one or two you have never even heard of. The one thing all of these companies have in common is the incredible number of Mainers they employ.

50 Largest Private Employers in Maine

Below is a list of the 50 largest private employers in Maine. Some are locally owned, while others are national brands. These are provided by the Maine Department of Labor. The numbers are from 2022's 3rd quarter. They are the most recent available.

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