They were so loud, that I had to grab my phone to capture the fun!

Driving to Casco Bay Lines, I was stopped at the intersection of Franklin and Commercial Street. A pretty busy intersection in Portland where tourists are everywhere! There I am with the sunroof open, the windows down and I was hearing some pretty loud raucous laughter and I think singing. I looked and saw something I wasn't sure what I was seeing. Is that a car? A bus? A bike? IT'S ALL THREE! It's Portland Party Bike.

After catching these gals having the time of their lives, I looked up what the hell it was I just saw! It didn't take me long to find that it was a Portland Party Bike tour. Elliot Storey and his wife run the new way to cruise Portland and sample some beer and food. It's evident that this group of ladies was very good at sampling beer! Elliot's been in Portland for over 30 years and loves this city. He's the Captain of this party bike. His wife Giana is the hostess.

They want anyone who is on their party bike to have the best time and get a great taste of all that Portland has to offer. Okay, you could book this awesome party bike for the actual bike tour (by the way - YOU pedal) or you could book it just to talk to Elliot and Giana about being the 2016 wife-carrying champions! I'm not kidding!

These two are adorable and I love what they are doing to show Portland off. I gotta get me some girlfriends and try this sucker!


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