Hard to decide what the coolest thing about Belfast, Maine is.

But what is up with those benches?

A couple of weekends back, before Labor Day, my husband and I took a few days off.  We went ALL OVER New England, starting with a trip to the Cape for my sister-in-law's wedding.  After the Cape, we headed to Belfast, Maine for a few days.  I admit I had never spent any real time in Belfast before that time and now... I'm in LOVE with this City.

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Everywhere you look there is something else interesting to catch your eye.  This guy and I had quite a meaningful conversation until people started to stare, then I went on my merry way.

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Belfast has a public piano for anyone to play.  Truth be known, I was waiting very patiently for this girl to GET OFF THE PIANO so I could have a turn, but NO, she decided to play her little song over and over and over again.  Couldn't she see there was another little kid who wanted a turn?  Nevermind the grown-ass woman who was staring her down.  Whatever, Kid.

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I saw this carved bench and had to get a shot of it.  Then, I started to see these cool, carved benches all over the city!

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Each bench is one of kind and it looks like the artist spent hours and hours working on!

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I wanted to get a better shot of this one, but again... didn't want to kick the people off of the bench.  They seemed to be really enjoying it.  Cool, right?

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I decided to call the City of Belfast to find out what was up with those benches.  Come to find out, the city commissioned artists from all over the community to carve the unique works of art to install all around the city.  It was organized by an organization called Our Town Belfast.  (ourtownbelfast.org)  

Currently, they are creating a new public art project called the "Tiny Door Project," based on Maine author E.B. White's book, Stuart Little.  It's so stinking cute, you may need to brush your teeth after reading about it here.  

I am in love with this City.  I am seriously going to look around for a vacation home here.  Who wouldn't want to live here?  Check out this YouTube video all about Belfast.  I admit, and maybe it's my Irish roots, but this song made me tear up.  The tin whistle does it to me every time.  Enjoy and for the love of GOD spend some time in Belfast.  It's super hip.

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