Funtown Splashtown USA is a summertime staple. As soon as warmer weather rolls around you can't resist singing along with the theme song and dreaming of all the sweet Funtown treats. I can feel the climb to the first drop on the Excaliber and picture the incredible view from the top of Dragon's Descent. I haven't been to Funtown Splashtown USA in a few years so I'm super excited that the Q Morning Show is broadcasting live from where the American family comes to play on Thursday!

We're already psyched for our morning at Funtown Splashtown USA but these photos put us on another level.

A Welcome Sight at the Entrance Gates


That Exciting Climb to the Top


Cool Down with a Slide or Two


Making Memories with Siblings at Funtown


Multicolored Space-Age Snacks


You Can See the Whole World Up There


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