We love, love, love our furry friends - but sometimes they can be costly...


Mike Mullett in Westbrook, put 80 dollars cash, his license and debit card on the table. This is what was left.

Facebook/Mike Mullett

That's right. Duke ate the 80 bucks and did a pretty good job on the license and debit card.

Mike did explain that Duke is 11 months old and recently neutered. He thinks this is Duke getting back at him.

It is.

Here's what Casco has done to most of my shoes.



Mike was shocked that his boy Duke ate the 80 dollars. He said that Duke has chewed up a buck or two...BUT CONSUMING 80 DOLLARS CASH is a bit much.

Puppies are funny...and big hungry neutered ones are the funniest!

Oh, I know we are NOT the only people on the planet with things torn up by the Dukes of the world. What has your furry friend destroyed?