With temperatures below freezing lately, it’s hard not to think ahead to summer.

Waking up to your windshield frozen over and the news telling us to stay inside because it’s THAT cold makes you dream of sunny days on the lake and the sun kissing your skin.

There are countless reasons to be excited about a summer spent in Maine but there is one specific thing in particular that I can’t stop dreaming about.

I don’t like wishing time away but I do hope the days speed by so that I can spend my summer on Lake Pemaquid.

Lake Pemaquid Campground

Last summer, I wanted to go camping for my birthday but hadn’t been camping since I was 5 years old so I had no idea where to go.

I did the typical Google search and the majority of spots in Maine met my needs but one, in particular, stood out based on amenities, pictures, and positive reviews.

I spent my birthday weekend at Lake Pemaquid Campground in Damariscotta and my mind was blown. Just thinking about going back is making me giddy.

There were five of us in our group and we had ample space, which included a converted school bus, a multiple-person tent, a mega trill, and a truck. We also hung up lights and tapestries to create a little comfortable home on the lake.

The campground has hundreds of campsites with cabin and cottage rentals available if you want a little extra comfort. The spot is great for all ages; there were families and kids running around, old couples, and our group of twenty-year-olds all having a blast.

It had everything we needed and exceeded our expectations. We were just a short walk away from basketball and tennis courts, a soccer field, a skate park, a stage for live music, corn hole, minigolf, a general store with all your needs, a bath and shower house, pool, a jacuzzi, playground and zipline, boathouse, and a lake to spend the day on.

What more could you possibly need for a summer in Maine? Yes, there were beers in hand.

The lake is clear and the ideal temperature where it’s refreshing but you can stay in all day and not want to get out. You can swim around, jump off the floating dock, or rent one of many types of boats from the boathouse, including paddle boats, motor boats, kayaks, and canoes.

One of the most epic parts was that it’s dog-friendly so we got to bring our four-legged friend with us.

We are SO happy to know this place exists and we can’t wait to go back as many times as possible this summer. Plus, it’s located in Damarisoctta which is a beautiful place to spend a summer in Maine in general.

If you need me this summer, you know where to find me.

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