For under a million dollars, you could pretend to await your prince charming while dangling some hair extensions out of the window of your very own tower.

Off the coast of Yarmouth sits this breathtaking 3-bed, 4-bath single-family home that looks like the perfect getaway for anyone looking to fulfill their childhood fantasies of stepping into a fairytale. With its soaring roof peaks, its classic Rapunzel tower, and its beautifully ornate window panes, this place is a dream come true.

Inside the home, light wood elements blend seamlessly with traditional fireplaces and new state-of-the-art kitchen finishes to create a Scandinavian feel in the middle of a woodsy wonderland.

Look at those banisters! Look at those built-ins! And look - nay, oggle, this tower:

The mirrored windows and sunlight streaming in is enough to make you swoon, but imagine inviting all your friends over for a classy fairytale party!