As the summer months approach, it become tougher for some people in Maine to enjoy the outdoors when the air quality goes down. This interactive map lets Mainers know at a glance what the air quality is in real time in their area or anywhere around the world. pulls real time data from thousands of air quality monitoring stations across the globe, including the five in Maine located in Portland, Lewiston, Rumford, Bangor and at Acadia National Park. Each location will show a number and a color. The higher the number the worse the air quality. This chart shows what range of numbers are good and bad, what health implications it may cause and action that should be taken.


When we checked the index Monday morning, Maine was looking pretty good. Bright blue skies and no humidity certainly helped, but the best air quality was in Lewiston, the not-so-dirty-Lew. The worst was in Bangor. All levels were in the green though and if you compare that to other places around the globe, our air quality in Maine is some of the best on Earth.