Thinking about it, it kind of makes sense that this might very well be the worst construction project in the history of Maine, considering exactly what's going on.

Maine's Tallest Building

When all is said and done with the construction starting at the corner of Federal Street and Temple Street in Portland (which extends almost all the way to Exchange Street), the tallest building in the state will exist. According to Mainebiz, ground broke on the project just about a year ago, toward the end of August 2021/beginning of September 2021.

201 Federal Street, Portland

Right now, there's no actual name for the future building, which, according to Portland Press Herald will be an 18-story apartment building. Not only did ground break a year ago on what is now just being referenced as "201 Federal Street," but since January, a massive 250-foot crane has been set up behind the Congress Street Post Office and will remain in place for the rest of the year.

And it's caused absolute hell for commuters and businesses in the area ever since, especially now.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That is what the intersection of Federal Street and Temple Street in Portland looked like during the Summer of 2019. Wide open. Pedestrians crossing the streets effortlessly. Commuters cruising in all directions uninterrupted. The exact opposite of what it looks like now, which is the aftermath of some kind of weather event.

What used to take a quick 30 seconds for a straight shot from the One City Center parking garage to Market Street now takes at least five minutes through a very roundabout detour, which usually includes at least one or two close calls of an accident. Mainly from impatient drivers who don't care the construction area and detour areas are littered with police.

(Prime example, yesterday I witnessed a driver in a construction loader say to himself, "F this" and go around the car he was behind at a red light at the intersection of Temple Street and Middle Street in front of the Nickelodeon Cinemas, dart out into the intersection and continue about his merry way, while some drivers jammed on the brakes.)

Google Maps
Google Maps

Good news, though, Portlanders! Only about another year of the area turned absolutely upside-down (barring any delays) and not only will the construction clear and navigating the area will be somewhat back to normal, but hopefully a bunch of people that need a place to live will have it with the new apartment building.

So, silver lining?

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