When I looked in the beer cooler at the grocery store and saw this, I said in my out loud voice, "What is wrong with people?"

I needed to restock the adult beverages at camp this weekend and as I was perusing the beer cooler at the Hannaford Supermarket in Oxford, I came across this sitting on top of a six-pack of orange spiked seltzer.

Wing Bar Container Full

I thought two things:

1. There's such a thing as orange spike seltzer?

2. What moron puts an empty wing bar container in a beer cooler?

I quickly realized it's the kind of moron that wants to steal from the wing bar. It's clear they didn't run it through the register and then walk around eating the contents while shopping for the rest of the groceries, which is wrong, but not nearly as wrong as theft!

I can only deduce that this deadbeat filled up a container full of delicious wings, ate them while shopping without paying for them, and tried to hide the evidence in a part of the beer cooler no one looks at.

I'll place this in my ever growing file called labeled "What is wrong with people."

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