Lessons Learned in Life says the way we see the world is determined by our personality. The first animal you see in the picture says much about who you are.


What animal popped out to you first? It says a lot about who you are. Lessons Learned in Life says,

Our personality is shaped by our experiences and genetics. Psychologists say that our earliest experiences often program our brain in a way that decides how we see people and the world around us. We see what makes the most sense to us unconsciously and we tend to filter out things that don't match our beliefs.

Okay...let's play. What is the first animal you see?

Lessons Learned in Life
Lessons Learned in Life


I saw the rooster first. This is what is says,

A rooster is colorful, quirky, and quick. It uses its sharp mind to navigate tricky terrains on earth, and when it gets hard all it needs to do is fly above the petty annoyances. If the rooster caught your eye first, you are witty, smart, and skilled. People might be misled by your calm ways, but they are in for a surprise if they rub you the wrong side. You fight with no fear and aren't afraid to make some noise when something unfair happens. You are a natural leader who isn't afraid to speak your mind.


I stopped at witty, smart and skilled and figured this was the most brilliant personality test ever created.


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