The Kisma Preserve in Trenton, Maine is home to rehabilitated exotic and non-domesticated animals. Kisma cares for wolves, bears, deer, reptiles, and more to help protect and preserve endangered and threatened species.

You can tour the preserve many ways, but many people choose to meet a wolf while at Kisma Preserve. 

Learn about this fascinating animal in a close up experience with one or more of our wolves. Join us in our daily socializing or exercising routine. All proceeds are used to care for our wolves year round.



Kisma Preserve's mission is to promote knowledge and education surrounding endangered species. 

It has to, at the very beginning, start with knowledge. By caring deeply and giving a home to these unique animals we open a door to understanding a species. When someone looks through that door and begins to care about a species the next logical step is the habitat and the ecosystem and ultimately our world. Kisma Preserve cares for each creature as an individual and hopes, perhaps idealistically, that will inspire others to care on some level as well.


You can visit the animals at Kisma Preserve year round. Your contributions help to care for the animals and further promote knowledge of these non-domesticated creatures.

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