Hi. My name is Jeff and for my entire life I have struggled to do one simple thing that most people have no problems doing. Today, something I ordered online arrived that has solved that problem forever.

Lately my eyes have been very irritated. I do have seasonal allergies and ragweed has been pretty bad these past few weeks so they probably contribute to it. Sometimes it gets so bad that I wake up and I'll find an eye crusted over with guck. I know. I should probably get that checked out, but I've found eye drops work pretty well when I can actually get them in.

Here's my problem. No matter how hard I try, or anyone else tries, I cannot get an eye drop into my eye without a huge fight. My eye absolutely refuses to stay open. Even when I pull down on my lower eyelid and create that pocket that you're supposed to put the drops in. Every time my brain sees that drop coming, my eye quickly shuts. It's a reflex I've had absolutely no control over all my life. So I bought this:

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This, ladies and gentlemen, is the AutoDrop®. For $4.99 on Amazon this solved my problem. Here's how it works:

First, you pop open the lid.

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Grab your favorite brand of eye drops. I've chosen Visine Dry Eye Relief. Snap the neck of the bottle onto the lid, and take off the cap.

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Close the lid.

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Now, get ready to put the AutoDrop over your eye, but be sure you look at the light coming from that small pinhole when squeezing the bottle.

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Shoot. I'm holding it upside down in that picture.


There. Pinhole goes on top.

Now pull down your lower eyelid, place the auto drop over your eye and squeeze. (This picture is for demonstration purposes, so I did not pull down my eyelid. Credit to Michele for the photography.)

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As long as I look at the pinhole, I don't blink and the bottle is perfectly positioned so the eye drop lands right where it needs to instead of running down my cheek or nose.

I know you probably think putting in eye drops are simple, but consider yourself lucky. I just could not do it for all my life until I got this, and my eyes are feeling much better today!


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