High school can be a difficult time to feel comfortable in your own skin no matter who you are; but for Trey and Adam in Stillwater, Maine, steadfast friendship has been a constant since elementary school.

“We moved here from Nevada when Adam was in second grade,” Lisa Potter, Adam’s mother says in KARE 11's video. “One day I was approached by a woman in the store and she had said, ‘Have you seen the relationship between Adam and Trey at Stonebridge?’”

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The two boys formed an instant bond that has held fast over the years despite their inherent differences. Adam has autism, is enrolled in special ed classes, and is prone to occasional meltdowns. Trey is an honor student, captain of the wrestling team, and plays football. "It's not easy to form a relationship with a kid with autism," Adam's mother says. Yet, from their start in second grade, Trey has had a knack for bridging the gap with Adam.

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The boys’ sixth grade teacher, Andrew Jurek, can attest to their special connection. “Adam would sometimes have meltdowns in the middle of school - sometimes he would have a hard day - and when we heard that, we would find Trey, we'd page Trey Kruse.

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