This weekend was awesome for someone who loves to watch sports! After watching the Preakness in the mud on TV Saturday (which was awesome), Dad and I went down to Fenway for a last-minute Sox game. Yup... tickets do seem to go down just a bit the day of the game!

Sunday's Red Sox game was one of the best I've ever seen at Fenway. Great pitching, Ortiz and Bradley Jr. were on fire, and the closer for Boston was lights-out. It was a great day! I even got to see Tom Caron (a fellow Mainah!) doing his thing before the game in the NESN booth on Yawkey Way.

What made it even better was how close David Ortiz came to hitting the cycle. In baseball, "the cycle" is when one player hits a single, a double, a triple, AND a homerun, all in the same game. They can be in any order, and David came really close yesterday. Hitting for the cycle is really rare in the MLB, and it's only happened 306 times in history. Ortiz already had a homerun, a single, and a double, and he ALMOST nailed a triple when he hit one far and deep into the centerfield triangle. But at the last minute, it bounced up into the stands, turning the hit into a ground rule double. Pretty close!