Show of hands. How many of you remember The Fifth Quarter with Bruce Glasier and Lee Goldberg? Yeah that's pretty much all of you. The show was a recap of local high school sports that aired Friday night on News Center Maine. During football season it was the one place you could be sure you'd get all the scores and tons of highlights presented with a good dose of humor with Bruce and Lee.

Sadly, Bruce Glasier passed away in 2014 after a long tenure as sports director for News Center Maine. Lee has now moved on to the anchor desk on the Morning Report.

Back when the show was in its heyday, it would always open with some sort of funny introduction usually done by a local celebrity. When Lee asked The Q Morning Show to do an open for them, how could we say no?

The year was 2007 and Lee stopped by the studios with his camera to shoot Meredith, Lori and me for the open. We kind of just ad libbed the whole thing, but when it was time to cut to Bruce to start the show, he brought all the funny.

If you watch closely in the corner, you may spot our former midday host Teddy McKay peeking out from behind a computer monitor because you could never keep him out of a shot if there was a camera around.

The quality isn't great, because this is YouTube from 13 years ago and it had only been around for 2 years. HD video wasn't a thing online back then or on The Fifth Quarter, so it's at a resolution of 240p.

I had more weight and hair in 2007 than I do today and Lori has more gray than she did then, but other than that, not much has changed with us or the studio for that matter. And in case you're wondering, Meredith is doing great and enjoying life down south and was even back here in Maine for a visit early this year.


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