We took the gang to Storyland, an annual event! It was great! We have never been so early in the season - and we loved it! It was busy, but it still had the feeling like we had the place to ourselves. Here are a couple of tips to make your fantasy live!

First tip, park across from the park in their 'extra' parking and take the tunnel over. This will do two things: first you get to walk under the street in a cool tunnel AND when you leave and turn right, you won't have to cross opposing traffic! Hey, this is our 6th trip and it JUST hit us!

We went straight for the Polar Coaster. What's the Polar Coaster? See for yourself!

As soon as we got off, we all ran and got right back in line!

We tried to hit the super popular rides first, to ensure shorter lines. We usually try to get to the park close to opening. We were about an hour off schedule, but it couldn't have worked out better!

Here's another tip. We always get the kids a little something as a souvenir of the trip. After all, you leave through the store before you exit. We went to the store early and spent 5 minutes letting the kids look around and pick something out. 5 minutes. We set a timer. The boys picked what they wanted...but Chloe - she's 9 and wanted her license!

drivers license at Storyland

If these two can get a license, why not a 9 year old?

It was a warm day and Storyland has lots of water rides where you can get wet! Like Dr. Geyser's Remarkable Raft Ride and our favorite Splash Battle: Pharaoh's Reign!

Splash Battle Pharaoh's Reign

Not only do you shoot people with water from your boat, but they can shoot YOU too!

Another fabulous tip! BRING SWIMSUITS AND A CHANGE OF CLOTHING! If you do this ride (I hid) you will get wet! People are brutal! And it's hysterical!

Once dried off and ready to continue (after an ice cream from the Whistle Stop) we headed to everyone's favorite - even mine - The Loopy Lab.

Loopy Lab sign

What is the Loopy Lab? It's a crazy room with foam balls galore!

Loopy Lab balls on floor

There are cannons that shoot balls, crates that drop balls, vacuums that suck up balls. But most importantly there are colored foam balls EVERYWHERE. Here's your tip for the Loopy Lab:

DO NOT ATTEMPT TO WALK LIKE A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. You WILL fall down and you will look silly. Scoot your feet across the floor - trust me on this one.

Be sure to look up every once in a while...you may be standing under a crate!

I love the Loopy Lab. But inside you will also find, 'It's Magic' a magic show they have 3 times a day Tuesday thru Sunday. And guess what? The magician needed and assistant and he picked 6 year old Alden! He was so excited to help see how that table was floating in the air!

So, one last tip. In case your kids (like our gang) LOVE those games where you win prizes - here's the place where EVERYONE is a winner! It's the Lucky Rubber Ducky Game! You pick two ducks up and then pick your prize! Perfect! Alden got a noise maker (not so lucky for us) Ben got a back scratcher (picked it out himself!) and Chloe ended up with a cute little turtle she named Seaweed.

Then it was time to go home. Souvenirs picked. Rides ridden. Ice cream consumed. Attractions seen.

Your final tip and it's a biggy! As you travel through North Conway, you will sit in traffic. It's a bummer. But, there is a way around it. Heck, maybe you already know about it and I was the last one on earth to figure it out. It's a gorgeous road called 16A! Here's where you turn onto it from 302!

Route 16a instead of 302
Google Maps

There you go! You are on your way home from a fantastic trip where fantasy lives.....

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