Tom Brady put himself VERY CLOSE to a bear over the 4th of July holiday.  He posted a video on his Instagram account with a bear I'd guess about 50 feet away from him.  Too close for me and probably Gisele too!

Tom has a history of scaring Patriot Nation with his antics.  He once jumped off a 50 foot cliff in Costa Rica.  His reason, according to CBS Sports, was to impress his wife, Gisele.  In the video, she asked him if he was going to do it or not.... and he did.  Patriots Nation had a heart attack.

Made fun of superstitions in this NFL YouTube video where he breaks a mirror and walks under a ladder.  At the end of the video, he says, "All good.  We got this."

Even though he messes with us sometimes, he's got a ring for every finger, baby!!  And, he's a fantasic son.

Tom's family was in Montana for his Mother's birthday.  He posted this picture on his Instagram account.  The caption melts my heart.

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