Friends coming in from out of town this Summer? At a loss of what to do with them? Well here are some of the top five things we recommend. 

Peaks Island Facebook

1. PEAKS ISLANDIt's gorgeous and it's an island for God's sake. 360 degrees of gorgeous sunsets and sunrises. You can stay for a night, ride bikes on a day trip or take the family for a picnic on the beach. What a great place to have a nice cocktail at one of their delicious restaurants watching that sun sink slowly into Casco Bay.

LL Bean Facebook

2. L.L Bean it's open 24 hours and a Maine staple. How fun to enjoy a day in Maine then cap it off in Freeport with a Ben & Jerry's ice cream complete with a jaunt past the big Beans boot inside a store dedicated to Maine.


3. Blueberry Picking depending on when your out of state guests are visiting, blueberry picking is a Maine tradition they will love. Libby and Sons in Limerick is (in my opinion) the BEST place. They not only have a great stash of deliciously plump, ripe blueberries, they have great Maine made treats your friends will love to take home as a momento.

Two Lights State Park Facebook

4. TWO LIGHTS STATE PARK in Cape Elizabeth has so much natural beauty. The quintessential Maine rocky backdrop offering gorgeous sunsets and the sound of crashing waves to relax the soul as fresh sea air flows through your hair and on your skin. A landlocked guest's dream! Plus, The Lobster Shack is there opening May 28th thru October 25th. Nothing like great scenery and a delicious lobster roll to show off Maine's best.

Ft Williams Facebook/Russ Lunt

5. FORT WILLIAMS It's one of our most beautiful Maine picture spots. Gorgeous Atlantic ocean backdrop, a lighthouse and the perfect spot to bring the kite and a picnic basket.