Topgolf Boston

One of the biggest things sweeping the nation right now is something fun for all ages, sports fans or not, and more specifically, golf fans or not.

Because regardless if you're man or woman, teenager or child, Topgolf is fun for everyone that requires absolutely zero skill or training, but at the same time is also a great way for golfers to train and enhance their skills.

And after years without one locally, New England finally cashed in on the phenomenon when a Topgolf location opened in Canton, Massachusetts, in November 2023.

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Topgolf Free Play

Although Topgolf Boston tends to be busiest during the weekends, especially from early evening all the way up until closing time (since the facility is well-lit at night and the night time glow presents an additional ambiance, especially while drinking cocktails with friends), there is now even more of a reason to visit during the week.

Every Monday through Friday between the hours of 9a and 5p, Topgolf Boston is allowing customers to take advantage of a free 30 minutes of game play, whether it's a small group of one or two or a large party that needs to occupy two bays instead of one.

Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash / Canva
Photo by Mariah Hewines on Unsplash / Canva

And if you're waiting for the bottom to drop out or expecting some "catch" with the deal, you'll be waiting a while.

Literally all you have to do to score the Free:30 deal is hop on their website and reserve a time, as long as it's on one of the days and in between the times listed above.

Topgolf Parties

Whether it's a boys night, girls night, date night, bachelor party, bachelorette party, Topgolf Boston has become a true destination for everyone around New England, especially as part of a multiple day getaway to the Boston area.

And where it's fun for anyone at any age, it's definitely a place to keep in mind to kill some time and have some fun with the kiddos during school vacation weeks.

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