When it comes to food, my girlfriend Michele either loves something like it's the best thing ever or hates it not able to imagine why anyone would even want to eat it. For example, she hates cheese. Who hates cheese? It's like the glue for all food that keeps it together. Try ordering a pizza without cheese and you get weird looks. Trust me.

Then there are pickles, which she is a bit obsessed with. At any one time, we have at least five different varieties of pickles in our refrigerator. She likes pickles so much that she went to a pickle festival in Pittsburgh called Picklesburgh while I was at a pinball tournament called Pinburgh. Picklesburgh is everything pickles thanks to Heinz which is headquartered in Pittsburgh. She liked this festival so much, that when the pinball tournament no longer ran, she still traveled out to Pittsburgh alone just for Picklesburgh.

So you can see, she's all-in on pickles. So much so that she sent me to Trader Joe's on Marginal Way in Portland to pick up something new that she had to have. "Seasoning in a Pickle."

It's just what it sounds like. Seasoning that taste's like pickles. Here's the description from the post on Trader Joe's Instagram about "Seasoning in a Pickle:"

"Made from a mix of alluringly aromatic spices (namely garlic, onion, and dried dill) plus tangy powdered vinegar, TJ’s Seasoning in a Pickle lends its tangy, salty, and perfectly pickle-y profile anywhere it’s added."

I bought two jars of the stuff and brought it home. Michele instantly made popcorn and sprinkled it on and she thought it was amazing.

Problem is, it's available for a limited time, so I may have to go and buy as much of it as I can. The things I do for love.

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