Have you ever read a book by Stephen King? And, if so, how could you fall asleep at night? 

It was announced last year that Hulu was producing a new TV series based on many of the stories and characters from famous Stephen King novels. Director genius J.J. Abrams took the lead on this project and you may know his work from Lost, Cloverfield, and The Force Awakens. This show is not about each individual character and story. Instead, it is a story that takes King's many characters and stories and re imagines them. It takes place in a fake town in Maine called Castle Rock. A new story, with those familiar themes, characters and places. Some actors in this show have already starred in King movies. Actress Sissy Spacek whom you may remember played Carrie in King's first every movie. And, Bill Skarsgård who played Pennywise in this summers remake of IT. Castle Rock will premiere on Hulu this summer.

Just from this trailer I can tell this series is going to be so spooky!! I will be watching this show with ALL the lights on in the house.



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