A crash on the Falmouth Spur spilled have a tanker full of milk over the highway. Since there were only minor injuries and everyone is okay, I have to say it because you're thinking it too. Don't cry over spilt milk, because everyone is okay!

The Maine State Police say that 21-year-old Ian Chadbourne of Palmyra was driving this tanker truck and was going too fast when he exited the Maine Turnpike onto the Falmouth Spur. The truck hit a guard rail and tipped over, spilling 3000 gallons of milk all over the highway, about half the tanker.

EPA crews were quick on the scene to clean up the milk and Chadbourne was taken to Maine Medical Center with minor injuries. Looks like the truck is a big loss though and so is that milk! The truck was headed to the Oakhurst plant on Forest avenue, so that's 6000 gallons Oakhurst won't be getting today.


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