You can thank Covid for Bridgton's first sober home for women.

It's because of Covid that Kirsten Wears was laid off from her job in 2020. Kirsten decided to use that as an opportunity to give back to the town she became so involved in as the manager of the Food City in Bridgton. It was when she was at Food City that she came in close contact with the problems this tiny community faced. Food insecurity, homelessness, poverty, abuse, and neglect. She also noticed that the struggle with substance use disorder was overwhelming in this beautiful little town.

Tucker's House Facebook
Tucker's House Facebook

​To prepare Tucker's House, Kirsten spent the last 2.5 years learning and developing her plan. She became a certified recovery coach and a coach's coach. She's been to countless seminars and training so that she can be the best version of herself while supporting women on their path to healing and recovery. She has an amazing Board of Directors with lots of knowledge and lived experience.

What's the mission of Tucker's House?

Its sole purpose is to provide a safe and supportive temporary home environment, to serve as a stepping stone while gaining skills to maintain a healthy life in recovery. Tucker’s House will provide guidance in developing relationships, deeper spirituality, meaningful work, and appreciation of nature and community engagement.

Take a Tour of Tucker's House.

Kirsten Wears, the founder of Tucker’s House, speaks for a bit. Around 13 minutes into the video the tour begins.

Tucker's House is a 10-bed women’s recovery residence in Bridgton, Maine with blueberry bushes and apple trees in the garden, to the local mountain ranges just an arm's reach away.

Tucker's House believes that each person has value and should be treated with love and kindness. They know that each person has their own story and their own road to recovery. They are there to support you and to help you reach your individual goals, to guide you toward self-forgiveness, and to teach you that you are worthy of a wonderful life in recovery. They also want to show you that your choices from yesterday do not define you and that you are deserving of all things this world has to offer including forgiveness. As Kirsten told NewsCenter Maine,

We want it to feel like home.

Home is what everyone needs to feel whole.


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