No matter where you go, you tend to find one restaurant that becomes your favorite. Yes, there are many places to eat in Maine, but if you love Two Maine Guys, then you best prepare for some sad news.

Haven't been to Two Maine Guys? Well, they offer a variety of food. If you enjoy fried food and sandwiches, this is a must-stop in Maine. They have fried chicken, shrimp, haddock, tacos, pork sandwiches, burgers, and just about everything in between.

Two Maine Guys has locations in both Richmond and Augusta, but the bad news is that one of their locations may be closing for good.

Two Maine Guys Richmond took to Facebook to share some upsetting news. They stated that the Richmond location would be temporarily closed due to being short staffed as well as financial struggles during winter months. However, it seems as though this temporary closure could ultimately be permanent.

Currently, the Augusta location is open every day except Monday and Tuesday, but according to Two Maine Guys Facebook post, that may soon be changing.

Two Maine Guys Owner, Devan, stated that he has been training new management at the Augusta location and hopes to have the restaurant open seven days a week. He also states that there is a possibility that once everyone is trained and if the Augusta location does well, he may re-open the Richmond location with limited staff, hours, and menu.

However, it is important to note that even if the Richmond location opens back up, it will most likely close its doors again as the property is now up for sale.

It is always sad to see a local restaurant close its doors, but at least you can still enjoy Two Maine Guys at 146 Mount Vernon Ave in Augusta.

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