Burger King fooled a number of news sources when it chose to begin offering a meatless version of their signature Whopper on April 1st, of all days.

According to Vox, BK has followed other fast food leaders like White Castle and Carls, Jr. in partnering up with Impossible Foods to create a zero-beef option of the widely-adored Whopper. They're testing the waters with the meatless burger in 59 St. Louis locations first, and will expand from there if the new menu item is a hit (which is likely given the excitement surrounding other chains' vegetarian alternatives).

Burger King Offers Meatless Whopper In Its St. Louis Locations
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It may seem counter-intuitive that a famously meat-related fast food chain would entertain the thought of non-meat ventures, but restaurants stand to gain a lot from appealing to a broader population, especially if the vegetarian alternative is more expensive. In Burger King's case, the Impossible Whopper is a whole $1 more than its traditional meaty counterpart.

In short, Burger King is truly living up to their slogan. "Have it your way," even if you don't eat meat!


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