Aron Gaudet is one impressive filmmaker and a Mainer and you'll never believe who he knows...


Aron was born and raised in Old Town, Maine. He went to the University of Maine and the New England School of Communications. That's where he was best friends with Meredith Manning of the Q Morning Show! Meredith and Aron have kept in touch over the years after graduating. Aron went off to pursue television news in Bangor, Maine, Burlington, Vermont, Grand Rapids, Michigan, and Boston, Massachusetts.

He even worked for NESN covering the Red Sox and the Bruins.

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But it's his film work where Aron has shown his true brilliance. He is most known for "The Way We Get By" in 2009. It's about three senior citizens in Maine who greet American troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan at the Bangor Airport. His mom, Joan Gaudet, is also in the movie! On his way to see his mom with his then girlfriend, Gita Pullapilly, he stumbled across the story of the Maine Troop Greeters.

He and Gita got married when they released 'The Way We Get By.' They had a dream wedding thrown for them by a group of wedding vendors in Maine. The wedding was even in the 'Vows' section of the New York Times.

But now he's about to release his first big-budget film, “Queenpins,” which he wrote, directed, and produced with his wife, Gita Pullapilly. The film, which stars Kristen Bell and Vince Vaughn, according to the Boston Globe, 'is a dark comedy inspired by the true story of the largest counterfeit coupon caper in history.' He told the Globe,

We shot this in LA during the pandemic, which definitely had its challenges. I hope that people walk away from seeing this movie feeling joy because that’s something I think is lacking right now. People are struggling and I think they want a reason to laugh and feel joy.

This looks SO good! I love crazy true stories!


Congratulations to Maine native Aron Gaudet on his first big release film! I wonder if Meredith will be on the red carpet with her bestie?

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