The old Grand Trunk Railroad swing bridge in Portland has been left unused in it's open position for over 30 years and has become a part of Portland's history frozen in time. A new drone video shows a unique perspective of this famous bridge that we haven't been able to see from the shore.

The bridge became a victim of arson in 1984 and was so badly damaged that the Canadian National Railroad, operated the Grand Trunk Railroad on this line from Montreal to Portland, decided that the cost of repairing it wasn't worth it. Passenger rail was no longer servicing Portland and freight shipments had declined significantly, so the bridge was left in it's open position and hasn't moved since.

The bridge is closed to any pedestrian traffic for safety reasons so no one can get a close up look at this bridge. Thanks to Yesah Digital, we can now see this unique view of the bridge from the air through the camera mounted to their drone.

You can learn more about this bridge and see some pictures from as close to the bridge are you are able to get, at the link below.

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