There's a saying in auto racing, "rubbing is racing." If you aren't tagging bumpers and rubbing door handles, you aren't out to win. There's a point though when some drivers have had enough.

The Oxford 250 is August 26 at Oxford Plains Speedway, a race that attracts fans and drivers from all over the country. In fact, many big names in NASCAR have won the 250 including Kyle Busch, Kevin Harvick and the legendary Geoff Bodine.

250 weekend is full of other races leading up to the main event, including the Oxford Acceleration Series that was run on Friday night. That's where Conrad Childs and David Cook took the battle outside the cars when Cook in the grey 45 car apparently had had enough of bumper tag during the race.

Watch as Cook catches up with Childs in the 95 car on the backstretch during a yellow flag. As they come around turn four, Childs has had enough. He turns around and goes after Cook by driving right up on his door. Then it was on.

Cook gets out of his car and hauls Childs out of his pinning him the ground and the fists begin to fly. It just gets ugly from there.

We've heard that officials towed both vehicles and left them outside the gate, but we're unsure if they'll be invited back any time soon.

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